A yoyo club located in Brunei Darussalam, inspired with the dream of bringing Brunei's Yoyo Scene to the next level.
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 HobbyCon 2015 Yoyo Ladder Contest Details & Registration Form

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PostSubject: HobbyCon 2015 Yoyo Ladder Contest Details & Registration Form   Tue Mar 10, 2015 10:52 am

Please fill in the form HERE to be eligible to compete in HobbyCon 2015 Yoyo Ladder Contest.
Venue: Brunei Timesquare Shopping Center, Berakas
Date: 5th April 2015

Rules & Regulation :
- 2 category : 17 years old below VS 18 years old and above. (Date count by 1st April 2015)
- BND$5 registration fee **Payment can be made during the event day**
- 1st try success complete of each trick score 3 points.
- 2nd try success complete of each tricks score 2 points.
- 3rd try success complete of each tricks score 1 point.
- No 4th try allow, if contestant try 4th try, minus 1 point (success or no success).
- Yoyo must be plastic/delrin (no metal or bimetal yoyo)
- Allow 1 spare yoyo only
- If use up both yoyo then eliminate.
- Not allow to reuse back the first yoyo once change to spare.
- Total maximum points is 30 points.
- In the event of draw points, players need to go for yoyo knife fight.
- Contest only open for Spinners with Brunei issue valid I.C (i.e Yellow, Red or Green)

Ladder Trick:-
1) Long Sleeper (5 Seconds)
2) Sideways World Tour (Sideway around the world)
3) Eiffel Tower
4) Rock The baby (5 full rocks, go front and back count as 1 rock)
5) Elevator (Up and down the string)
6) Brain Twister (1 somersault)
7) Trapeze (If 1st try fails to land, yoyo must wind up and throw again)
Cool Split the Atom (3 somersault)
9) Double or nothing
10) Mach 5 (5 full rotation)

Yoyo Knife Fight:-
A yo-yo knife-fight is where 2 guys lock left hands (like the video for Michael Jackson's Beat It) and each has to try to throw a trapeze over their arm and get it back to their hand with the other arm. This wouldn't be hard, except that the other guy is pushing and pulling you in the process.
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HobbyCon 2015 Yoyo Ladder Contest Details & Registration Form
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