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A yoyo club located in Brunei Darussalam, inspired with the dream of bringing Brunei's Yoyo Scene to the next level.
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 Who are Yo-Splinter.

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PostSubject: Who are Yo-Splinter.   Who are Yo-Splinter. EmptyMon Jan 05, 2009 6:16 pm

We are a group of people who like to play yoyo. Yoyo is consider a skilled toy now, not just a toy.

We meet new people, share skill and culture and most improtant, we play yoyo together. We'll gather every saturday 4.40pm till 6pm at OGDC. Please do come and join us.
We also do go around the whole Brunei to perform and share our talent.

Once you sign up in this forum, we consider you a Yo-Splinter Member. To become a crew, you will need to work hard for it!

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Who are Yo-Splinter.
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